4 Tips to Get Over Cloudy Career Days

Head in the clouds

These past few weeks I have found myself in a whirlwind.  Trying to live my truth and walk in my purpose that is outlined for me.  It’s been a whole lot of trying to put the puzzle pieces together and I don’t knows coming out of my mouth.  It can suck you in quick and potentially lead to a downward spiral.  However, there are ways to go down this exploratory path in a healthy manner and attempt to figure things out.

Make sure that you are taking care of your body by exercising and getting proper rest.  It will help improve your mood and keep you energized.  When you feel like you are operating in a career fog exercise and proper rest will help out tremendously.


Step back and explore what excites you and gets you going.  Examine what gets you up in the morning and on your way.  Ask yourself: What is something that I have always wanted to do career wise?

Servicing my students serves as my motivation each day.  So, I am now taking that information and expanding on how my love for teaching can be leveraged in my current organization and where there is a need.


Brainstorm with your mentor and then activate your sponsors.  Utilize your mentor to bounce off ideas, share your thoughts and seek sound advice from.  From there activate your sponsor(s) so they can begin to advocate on your behalf in order to connect you with key individuals.  A sponsor is normally several levels above the middle management level and can help drive an individual’s rate of advancement.

In some cases your mentor and sponsor can be the same person.  For instance, you can go to dinner with them to identify the challenge and then start brainstorming.  Once a focal point has been reached and they have the proper contacts then sponsorship can take place to advocate on your behalf.


Recognize that your career trajectory is not going to be linear.  There will be constant evolution and change occurring throughout your career.  Within industries and organizations that are constantly looking to be innovative career paths will not be straight forward.


Going through a phase like this is tough, but trusting the process has to occur.  Honing in on your network to identify your strengths and talents that are not visible to you can help as well.  What won’t help is going out making brash decisions such as applying for any role or quitting just to get out the situation.  Making brash decisions is only running from the problem.  Getting out of cloudy career days can happen with some due diligence and patience.


Photo Credit: Photo One