Blog Breakdown Series Part Three: Ignite the Invite

SpeakingIt’s the final week of the Blog Breakdown Series that has captured tips I’ve acquired from the “Blogging While Brown Conference” I attended earlier this summer.

For the final post I wanted to close out with insight from the seminar on How to Get Invited to Speak at Conferences.  Bloggers are stepping out of their sphere and speaking at conferences. It’s something that I aim to do in the future and also eventually run a seminar. Sarah Milstein of Lean Startup Productions provided some great tips below: [Read more...]

Blog Breakdown Series Part Two: Joining Forces with Brands


It’s week two of the Blog Breakdown Series which entails the information I learned from the “Blogging While Brown” Conference this summer.  The focus on this post: Joining forces with brands.

Brands are now looking to connect with bloggers more than ever and Jacque Reid moderated a great session titled Blogs and Brands.  In the session, it was mentioned that brands are looking to create total market campaigns to target the diverse population within the United States. It’s good to understand what the brands marketing goals are that you want to target.  Also, figure out who are the current brand ambassadors and what they have done.  Once you have done your homework, go out and pitch the brand reps.  Offer to do some of the following: [Read more...]

Blog Breakdown Series Part One: Monetizing Your Blog

Monetize you blogI attended my first “Blogging While Brown Conference” in NYC. I had come back home to Dallas trying  to mentally sift through all the information I gathered. The conference served as a reminder that I  have a story to get out and I need run my own race. I learned a lot of great information from seasoned bloggers that I want to share. So for the next three weeks I’m going to share those valuable gifts in the: Blog Breakdown Series. [Read more...]

Handling Difficult People in the Workplace

Difficult Person

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By: Dalila Thomas

When it comes to work, no matter what you do, there’s one common factor that everyone has – dealing with other people. It may not be one of the easiest things to, but it’s necessary to get the job done. So how do you get through the day – day after day – without having a dilemma with a colleague?

It’s simple.

Know what environment you’re walking in to, mentally prepare yourself, and deal with it head on. Here are the three types of co-workers you’ll most likely encounter. [Read more...]

3 Simple Keys to a Productive Workday


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By: Dalila Thomas

Start early.  No, seriously. Of course, you’re not a morning person, but have you ever regretted getting to work early, or having extra time for a morning workout, and actually having a proper meal.  I mean really, when is this last time you sat down for breakfast before your started your day?  Not only that, you’re not bothered during this time.  Your phone isn’t ringing. Your friends aren’t IM-ing you, and you mother isn’t texting you (or calling you to ask how to text).  It’s the perfect time to get things done. [Read more...]

3 Dating Principles to Apply to Your Job Search

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By: Dalila Thomas

The phrase never mix business with pleasure has never been more wrong in my opinion; at least when it comes to getting your dream job. I believe the same principles that are used for dating, are those that can be applied when seeking new employment.

Don’t believe me?  Check out these three steps. [Read more...]