Blog Breakdown Series Part Three: Ignite the Invite


It’s the final week of the Blog Breakdown Series that has captured tips I’ve acquired from the “Blogging While Brown Conference” I attended earlier this summer. For the final post I wanted to close out with insight from the seminar on How to Get Invited to Speak at Conferences.  Bloggers are stepping out of their [...]

Blog Breakdown Series Part Two: Joining Forces with Brands


It’s week two of the Blog Breakdown Series which entails the information I learned from the “Blogging While Brown” Conference this summer.  The focus on this post: Joining forces with brands. Brands are now looking to connect with bloggers more than ever and Jacque Reid moderated a great session titled Blogs and Brands.  In the [...]

Blog Breakdown Series Part One: Monetizing Your Blog

Monetize you blog

I attended my first “Blogging While Brown Conference” in NYC. I had come back home to Dallas trying  to mentally sift through all the information I gathered. The conference served as a reminder that I  have a story to get out and I need run my own race. I learned a lot of great information [...]

This is How You Repay $150,000 in Student Loans (and Keep Your Sanity)

Please check out my guest post on as I open up about I am managing and working to repay nearly 150K  in student loan debt!   Here is the link to the full article:

Handling Difficult People in the Workplace

Difficult Person

Photo Credit: By: Dalila Thomas When it comes to work, no matter what you do, there’s one common factor that everyone has – dealing with other people. It may not be one of the easiest things to, but it’s necessary to get the job done. So how do you get through the day – [...]

3 Simple Keys to a Productive Workday


Photo Credit:  Image Above By: Dalila Thomas Start early.  No, seriously. Of course, you’re not a morning person, but have you ever regretted getting to work early, or having extra time for a morning workout, and actually having a proper meal.  I mean really, when is this last time you sat down for breakfast before [...]

3 Dating Principles to Apply to Your Job Search

bwp pic

Photo Credit: Shutterstock By: Dalila Thomas The phrase never mix business with pleasure has never been more wrong in my opinion; at least when it comes to getting your dream job. I believe the same principles that are used for dating, are those that can be applied when seeking new employment. Don’t believe me?  Check [...]