Work Wardrobe: Fall Fashion Essentials

Fall Fashion

Fall is here, and – depending on where you live – the weather is changing. We all know what that means. Dark hues, boots, and pumpkin spiced everything. So what does that mean for your work wardrobe? Well – that it’s time to switch it up. Here are three fall essentials that you’ll need in […]

3 Mistakes Millennials Make in the Workplace


Millennials are great. I may have a bias opinion being one, but I truly believe employers get the best of both worlds when they have millennials on board. Many are hard working and innovative and ooze creativity. However, we’re not perfect. And we all make mistakes – especially on the job. Here are the three […]

Fall Out of Old Work Habits

Work habits

It’s that time of year. Summer’s over. Vacationing is over. The weather will begin changing soon and things will become gloomy and glum, right? Wrong.   This is the time of year were a lot a people begin re-evaluating their roles in the workplace and finding every reason to hate their job. Don’t let fall […]

Blog Breakdown Series Part Two: Joining Forces with Brands


It’s week two of the Blog Breakdown Series which entails the information I learned from the “Blogging While Brown” Conference this summer.  The focus on this post: Joining forces with brands. Brands are now looking to connect with bloggers more than ever and Jacque Reid moderated a great session titled Blogs and Brands.  In the […]

Blog Breakdown Series Part One: Monetizing Your Blog

Monetize you blog

I attended my first “Blogging While Brown Conference” in NYC. I had come back home to Dallas trying  to mentally sift through all the information I gathered. The conference served as a reminder that I  have a story to get out and I need run my own race. I learned a lot of great information […]

This is How You Repay $150,000 in Student Loans (and Keep Your Sanity)

Please check out my guest post on as I open up about I am managing and working to repay nearly 150K  in student loan debt!   Here is the link to the full article: